Thursday, 30 April 2009


read Title.

Someone remind me

next time when i make something, to actually have my camera with me so i can record it and make a short animation please. thank you.
I found the images on kingdom of style, by

Pretty dresses. Im off to uni to get things over with, i want to ask someone a question and i want an answer, but how should i start.

Bye for now

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Iekeliene strange

Oh why are you so strange? Why am i so bored?

Im in the Library

During the exam frenzy season, and things doesn't seem to get any better. Not that i'm complaining as i don't actually have any exams, hurray for me! But i do have the exhibition Thursday and with it coming in less than 24 hours, i am starting to feel the pressure. Why? Let's say someone was slacking a little, in fact too much. Now im in deep bother, i need ideas girls and boys.

Well i was thinking I quite liked Christopher Kanes designs, but that doesn't mean i'm going to copy, or does it? No of course not i need to tweek it a little first and juice some stuff out of it. Plahhhh exhibition here i go!

Monday, 27 April 2009

Listening to Tv on the Radio

Playgrounds and other stuff, need to do my journal, want to cry, why am i so emo these days. Pfft hmmm 11 already.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

One word


Best thing ever.

Queen B

The 10 drawings of da Vinci

After a quiet conversation with myself, convincing me to go in and have a quick peek, which eventually lasted an hour or so, as i started wandering round Manchester Art Gallery. Why i was so keen on seeing the drawings, probably had something to do with me reading a book called "Drawing on the right side of the brain". I was interested to see how he tackled, drawing his subjects, which ranged from portraits, to landscape.

After a quick walk round, i eventually picked up on two drawings i quite liked. One was a study drawing of two people, described as grotesque. I liked the detailed study of the faces, showing the face slightly sagging emphasising the age of the old man, the whole drawing has a real character about it, making it stand out against the crowd. The Composition of the two faces compliments each other as they face each other almost like a old couple, belonging together.

I thoroughly was glad to have seen the drawings, although I'm not a fan of traditional style drawings, but from the drawings, you can see how much precision, and time has been spent on, eventually leading to paintings. This i think i must applause DA vinci for.

After leaving the gallery space i entered another gallery space called crafts. I found this space more intriguing, there ranged so many objects, neatly organised on glass shelves, a whole range of sizes ranging from miniature to big statues from around the world. I spent absolutely ages in there and would have been happy to have slept in that room. I was even more fascinated when i found a Tord Boontje chest lying in the corner of the contemporary furniture part, Boontje has been my favourite designer/artist for a few years now, along with Rob Ryan, both use paper cuttings in their designs. On the chest you can see Boontje's signature style, bold paper cutting pattern on the chest, so intricate and delicate, you can't bear to touch, in case it might break.

It was a real feast for my eyes as i found dolls from the victorian era and small dresses. Small collectable objects took up a huge glass shelf. This consisted of glass, pottery ornaments, some hand painted, with such detail, you wonder how at that time they had the skill to do so. As i walked round more eventually going round in circles at least 10 times looking at the same objects over and over again, i had a sudden urge to create something similar to the objects on the shelf, i've missed making, sculpting and cutting things for a while now, and think i might get back into making 3d models, back to my old roots. This has been a real Eye opener and i would urge anyone who hasn't been yet to go have a gander.

The Age of Depression

Sounds depressing right!

Well i've got 8 words for you


Before i turn this into an emo suicidal attempt of some sort, which i will not. I will turn it into a beautiful animation, yes thats right, errr beautiful, see the irony.

Before i send anyone else into the age of depression, here's summary for today.

BBQ, smoke in eye not good,

Walking round like a lunatic with my super 8, Fairly good

Going to Manchester art gallery, Scary, craft part, good stuff, and secret filming and nice guy.

Some more walking and stop at Meezah, my current place of choice , good price, good juice.

Missing out on flowers left with neirbours, knocking on doors, not good!

Alone at the house wants me want to runway, somewhere, also not good.

Lychee juice for my brain= brain juice

Dead rat on street = brain dead

Tie Dye tights = not good, Tie Dye T-shirt= awesomeness.

That is it more from me later, Photo of tshirt yes please!!!

Queen B

Monday, 20 April 2009


Recently i've been having obsessive dreams with anything tie dye. This lead to 3 min youtube "How to Tie Dye" sessions and hours of endless ebaying. I still can't quite get over it tho, and how it started. Imagine Tie Dye Tights/Leggings dresses, this said, i think i remember tie dye techniques popping up on a few recent catwalks (Rodarte balenciaga and emma cook and may more) , and with summer getting nearer, we are all searching for the right summer outfit. Can tie dye be the new solution? I think YES. I already ordered myself a tie dye kit on amazon and should get it in a few weeks, so then i can experiment in the mean time, here are some images for your eyes only.

Photos from google image i think the last one is susie bubble from her infamous blog stylebubble?

Saturday, 18 April 2009

julian louie

Not familiar with the name Julian Louie? He has been numerously name checked in nearly every fashion blog known to mankind, since his debut S/S09 collection. So i will not bore you with any more boring facts, that said I flipped though some images from his collection, and in true Bonnie style, i spied a few pieces i would like to own. Definitely a dress!

Being new to Julian Louie and not having seen any of his older work, one can only assume that his style is a eclectic mix of girly, playfulness. Ruffles seems to dominate his collection, with ruffles found on nearly all pieces.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009


sorry for the rather lazy post, theres not been much inspiration lately, down to the fact i'm just homebound. Sat on the couch all day surely can't be good.

Hmmm and list to work from, so far i've done a bit more on my animation haven't even started my poland one yet, exhibition in october gives me roughly a few months to do o that can be last, as for journal i need to print some stuff.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Task for easter

Collect lots of images and make collages
Try and finish animations
Try to start Meddle animation
Finish prints on vests and tights, research patterns etc
5 minute Presentation.

Squid and the whale

Directed by Noah Baumbach. With Owen Kline, Jeff Daniels, Laura Linney. Based on the true childhood experiences of Noah Baumbach and his brother.

I didn't know what exactly to expect, especially with a title like "Squid and the whale". My expectations wasn't that high, take in mind that the actors in this film aren't quite known to me. The start seemed a bit dull, as i tried not to drift off, as it shows the family sat in a room discussing over the custody of the two children, aged 16 and 12. This film portrays a dysfunctional family, showing the breakdown in relationships within the family and how they cope with it. After sticking to it for a further 10 minutes, when things started to get more interesting.

Lonely Dad Bernard, played by Jeff Daniels, moves out of the house, trying to cope with the divorce from his wife and having joint custody over the children. Walt, the eldest son, takes his dad's side, whilst Owen Kline, delivers a breathtaking performance as Frank, a young boy, struggling with alcohol and sexual issues at the tender age of 10. There are several love interests in the film but the main one focuses on Walt and his girlfriend Sophie, there is a love triangle as Walt tries to pursue Lili at the same time, but finds out that she is seeing his dad. The film is hilarious at parts, dealing with Frank and Walts curiosity with sex and their troubles at school, whilst some parts emotional, as the parents confronts each other.

The whole film has been shot on super 16mm film, mostly using a handheld camera, this adds to the effect of the film and most importantly has me wanting to get a super 16mm film camera and making my own film.