Thursday, 2 April 2009

Squid and the whale

Directed by Noah Baumbach. With Owen Kline, Jeff Daniels, Laura Linney. Based on the true childhood experiences of Noah Baumbach and his brother.

I didn't know what exactly to expect, especially with a title like "Squid and the whale". My expectations wasn't that high, take in mind that the actors in this film aren't quite known to me. The start seemed a bit dull, as i tried not to drift off, as it shows the family sat in a room discussing over the custody of the two children, aged 16 and 12. This film portrays a dysfunctional family, showing the breakdown in relationships within the family and how they cope with it. After sticking to it for a further 10 minutes, when things started to get more interesting.

Lonely Dad Bernard, played by Jeff Daniels, moves out of the house, trying to cope with the divorce from his wife and having joint custody over the children. Walt, the eldest son, takes his dad's side, whilst Owen Kline, delivers a breathtaking performance as Frank, a young boy, struggling with alcohol and sexual issues at the tender age of 10. There are several love interests in the film but the main one focuses on Walt and his girlfriend Sophie, there is a love triangle as Walt tries to pursue Lili at the same time, but finds out that she is seeing his dad. The film is hilarious at parts, dealing with Frank and Walts curiosity with sex and their troubles at school, whilst some parts emotional, as the parents confronts each other.

The whole film has been shot on super 16mm film, mostly using a handheld camera, this adds to the effect of the film and most importantly has me wanting to get a super 16mm film camera and making my own film.

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