Monday, 20 April 2009


Recently i've been having obsessive dreams with anything tie dye. This lead to 3 min youtube "How to Tie Dye" sessions and hours of endless ebaying. I still can't quite get over it tho, and how it started. Imagine Tie Dye Tights/Leggings dresses, this said, i think i remember tie dye techniques popping up on a few recent catwalks (Rodarte balenciaga and emma cook and may more) , and with summer getting nearer, we are all searching for the right summer outfit. Can tie dye be the new solution? I think YES. I already ordered myself a tie dye kit on amazon and should get it in a few weeks, so then i can experiment in the mean time, here are some images for your eyes only.

Photos from google image i think the last one is susie bubble from her infamous blog stylebubble?

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