Thursday, 23 April 2009

The Age of Depression

Sounds depressing right!

Well i've got 8 words for you


Before i turn this into an emo suicidal attempt of some sort, which i will not. I will turn it into a beautiful animation, yes thats right, errr beautiful, see the irony.

Before i send anyone else into the age of depression, here's summary for today.

BBQ, smoke in eye not good,

Walking round like a lunatic with my super 8, Fairly good

Going to Manchester art gallery, Scary, craft part, good stuff, and secret filming and nice guy.

Some more walking and stop at Meezah, my current place of choice , good price, good juice.

Missing out on flowers left with neirbours, knocking on doors, not good!

Alone at the house wants me want to runway, somewhere, also not good.

Lychee juice for my brain= brain juice

Dead rat on street = brain dead

Tie Dye tights = not good, Tie Dye T-shirt= awesomeness.

That is it more from me later, Photo of tshirt yes please!!!

Queen B

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