Monday, 21 February 2011


I officially suck! Yeah i know well..... i did have lots of stuff to write about but i am experiencing short term dementia due to my new job aka brain freeze or whatever else. I feel like a walking zombie. MUST yes MUST re educate myself in anyway.

Anyway anyone reading thought it might be nice to add my new tumblr which i update almost daily a lot more frequent then here. It's the only thing i can do without making too much of an effort.

Ta ra for now


Saturday, 1 January 2011


Here's to a great year ahead! Happy New Year to all you beautiful people out there. I will make 2011 a year full of excitement and stories. Do all the things i've ever wanted and actually doing them and not just saying them. Making more of an effort with both my appearance and attitude (figured i have a way too laid back attitude gets me nowhere)
Yes i ended 2010 watching Tomb raider with my mum, sister and brothers. Hopefully next year i'll be doing something a bit more exciting.
Goodbye 2010 i will not miss you. Hello 2011.
Oh and hello to yoga classes!!! I'll find you eventually.


Saturday, 20 November 2010

TRON Legacy

Is anyone else excited??? Well i betcha cause everyone seems to be going on about it well the Tron x Opening Ceremony collection at least.

The blonde girl looks so much like Jessica Stam almost uncanny, can it be?? I am so excited because i love Daft Punk and possibly one of the best acts i have ever seen live in my entire life (o2 wireless Leeds 2007!!!) !!! I mean it, alot. and because of that i have pre ordered the Tron Soundtrack which includes a double CD by Daft Punk a digital album also the best part. . . . Daft Punk/ Tron GLOW IN THE DARK poster!!!!!!!!

Like how amazinnnng can things get?!! Can't wait to put the poster up in my room and stare at it day and night and thank you for Daft Punk re entering my life again, now all i need is a decent job then i'll be as happy as a bunny! Also bought myself a new lipstick should be with me soon, can't wait. It's Loreal in Joy Crimson 300. Like a fuschia/ dark red undertone. If you get me. Really into the whole dark red lips vibe thing. Still loving my Topshop Vamp one, but just need an excuse to wear it out.

Also i wouldn't mind getting a trucker jacket, been outbidded on ebay. :(

Monday, 20 September 2010

I want to knit . . .like right now.

I want a knitmaster!!!!!

1st photo from Mark Fast Collection.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Monday, 13 September 2010

Sad eyes

Epic fail in life.

Model Myf Sheperd

Monday, 6 September 2010


Got it today. It's the smallest thing ever. I've been playing with it since. Now i can mend my dresses!

Friday, 3 September 2010

I spy

I am in love with Heather Marks. Espesh the ad/ film she did for Nars. Doesn't she look amazing?!

Also some other images i found on my desktop waiting to be posted. I can't remember where i got the images from so please do forgive me. If the images happens to be yours then apologies for using them.

The image is from Marc Jacobs catwalk show. (Do correct me if im wrong cos my head is getting me mixed up with the LV show with the bunny ears?) I actually love this collection. The colours, design, everything about it is quite chic and stylish. Although i must admit i am loving the cute bow miu miu dress that has been on the cover of three major fashion magazines!

I am not really a big massive fan of Olivia Palermo from The city. The thing is i just really like the dress she's wearing on here, i think it's Valentino, then again i can't quite remember.

Eek Christina Hendriks! Need i say more? Yes Joan from Mad Men, she is actually amazing. She always has this healthy glow to her with her clear complexion and rosy cheeks. Such a doll! (she's wearing the Nars matte lipstick on here)

Preeeetty envelopes made from doilies.

Mademoiselle Yulia! Yes a superstar Dj from Tokyo, Japan. Has such amazing clothes and style. I am so liking the belle sauvage dress she had on in one interview. I remember going to a record shop in Tokyo and seeing her CD and her own colomn in Nylon Japan, she must be celeb status in Japan. Lavvv it.

Eeerrr pastel radar! This is such a great photo, the colours, i die!