Sunday, 17 January 2010

The power of three

The other day i especially went out to Rymans, to buy a ruler just so i could indulge in drawing triangles. Triangles?? Yes triangles, there is something about this shape that makes it more special than the other shapes. I can never figure how or why, but all i do remember is hypotenuse, trigonometry, all these words sounds some how futuristic to me, maybe cause it's associated with physics, maths or science, which then makes me think of time machines? Perhaps.

Anyway this is not the point. Irina Shaposhnikovaproduces wearable clothes, in the form of dresses, made up of triangles. Somehow the collection seems rather subtle, compared to other 'futuristic' clothes on the catwalk, which some found to be a bit too much. Her recent show named "Crystallographica" hit just the right note.

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