Monday, 23 February 2009

Come dine with me!

Our dinner party was rather successful. We ate and we drank and explored and the usual. We had lovely curry made from scratch by Hanna and i did the tables, it was more a welcome dinner thing for our new housemate Marina. She moved in yesterday and has brought along with her lots of things, and bringing her own personal touch to the house, i really like the paintings she has brought with her and the one in the kitchen, the colour compliments each other and the kitchen and has brighten things up a lot.

I've been talking to Marina and we have the same interests, being creative in general, and just making things, i love the Cath Kidson bag she has as well and all the nicely patterned things she has. Awww shes sooo nice, i really enjoyed the dinner. Hmm yeah tomorrow i will do more work hopefully. I think i will go to bed now, everyone seems to have gone home or to sleep and im quite tired and want to wake up in time for tomorrows meeting, i hope i dot have to do the presentation tomorrow but i think my confidence has gradually increased no, as i can talk openly about my work to other people, im just not quite sure how i'll tackle talking to a big bunch of people, i hope i do fine.I sound gay, also i need to record my voice for noal and the whale for annie, and finish my animation now for sakis, and try get work experience as well, printing form again and filling it again and give it back to Urbis.

I'm well excited about my clubnight now bring on filthy animals, i need a house as well, but im actually starting to like the house and my room, i like how its small but just so different, and all the compliments from everyone else that has visited our house.

Soon Blud.


Annie La Lupine said...

Hey yeah you do need to do that recording oh but actually im thinking, i might not go to lincoln anyway, i might come to manc and just do a BTEC course?!
but you could still do it anyway if you wanna and ill put it together it canbe our first thing as a band. we should really start a band though, and it'd be easier if i did move to manc. yar lets be alled the B-52 Bombers. or call our clubnight that. said...

Hahah yeah omg we were all playing on the ukulele yesterday and Beth was trying to teach me but i still cant strum yeahhhh i've done a few but deleted it cos my voice is too high. Move to manc!!!

feel the vibe?!

Annie La Lupine said...

Oh well it doesnt matter like as long as its liiike the full song or whatever yeah and you know how to send it ones youve saved it as a file just upload it to sendspace yar? and sent me the link!

yep im thinking manc for definate.

Shit i have to go to work in like half an hour. SUCKY.