Sunday, 22 February 2009

Im moving!

Not me but my new housemate has finally moved in. Woop We're having a big curry night tomorrow night with everyone from Alan rd (people i used to live with last year). Im gonna get working tomorrow as well, and go into town hopefully get my laptop fixed fingers crossed) and do some work, thinking might go to uni and print more photos or something. And start my animation for sho, i want hi i need this, as Ian would put it, don't have a back up plan just go for it.

I also got shouted at by my mom for telling my sister to go for her dreams, and do what she wants, there's nothing wrong with that, i'd rather be living it rough and enjoy what im doing and not have enough money than sit in a office and work for something/ someone that i don't like .

I'm hungry for success!!!!!!!!!!

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