Sunday, 1 March 2009

I am I will.

Its been a oh so long time since i last posted.

Hmm where should i start did i tell you my new housemate is the nicest person ever she makes me and Hanna soups and all sorts, i told my mum and she seemed pleased too. Well last week i did a spot of house hunting for next year. STill don't know who i'll be living with tho.

Cockpit times yesterday, good times indeed. And find myself a new boy (last night) didn't quite work out as some girl got there first. Final announcement of the night. Queen bomber will be me, annie owes me breakfast. And Angel pub what was that all about? Sat with all the oldies staring, prob thought we were underage drinkers.

Highlights of the week.
Being in a house with Charlotte and Nia and two old couple, interviewing us, Like what the feck?? Seriously that was too weird. Honestly tell us why we think you should move in??? Erm i dont even want to live here like.

GOing to Shake

Going to Cockpit

Making actual start to animation, half way through woop.

This week, work more on animation aim to try finish it at least by end of the week or mid week, But going to sex with robots houseparty and kissing the lipless,will not make this appen, and i need to get a start with the other projects seriously now i have mannequins i should be able to start fashion project no doubt and watch Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!! Choose shot. i think i know which one already and write about it, good times. I need to do more knitting pfft omg thats just 20 days to write it.


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