Thursday, 5 March 2009

Gate crashers + Kebab


Erm what was i doing up at 7in the morn walking round the house finished off my kebab from last night, smelling like onions. Yummy. Intense cleaning. Got bus and back, watched One tree hill, gilmore girls, maybe watch more anime later, and less than 48 hours to do project, fun times.

Last night was weird. Egerton road sure is party central 2 house parties going on at the same time. Now thats hardcore. Anyway i had to leave early cos i was hungry even tho i had a big cake and crisps. Ahhhh Im going to finish this trailer by today, fingers crossed, and watch spirited away after. MAybe a walk later as well. Good times Oh and pom pomsssss, i want to do something with it, like maybe a necklace or stick it on skirt or something. DIY skills!!!

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