Wednesday, 20 May 2009

101th blogging!! I am of age

Omg i just realised my last post was my 100th one!!!! WOop happy 100th post anniversary. Meaning this is post 101.

Anyway lastnight was dance off seriousness? Indeed i had a blast at Sex With Robots @ The Roadhouse. Some photos up soon, ive decided to now make my blog stylebubble like and keep it connected to me in some sense with outfits throughout my day, not being all narcissist or anything.

Photos from Last night, wearing pink vintage lace bow dress from Urban outfitters and two tone tights. Sunglasses mango

Oh and finally i remembered why i decided to write today, because im so nice i will share some lovelyness with you people. Mark leibowitz, amazing photographer, he is known for his backstage photos at fashion shows and i love the outrageous colours, fusing portraiture, fashion and architecture into one. His most recent work being the John Galliano photos backstage made into limited prints.

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