Thursday, 14 May 2009

Ta Ta ta de da da da

Ok so I'm actually bored, no more uni work, what else is there to do???

Erm i'm still waiting to download the first season of Inuyasha, can't wait.

Went to watch Wolverine last night as well, that was well good i think i might be obsessed with xmen again like, and i want to read all my big collection of comic books again, kept under storage back home home from years ago, which i was planning to sell.

Anyway i didn't decide to write just about the above but came across another blog and found this lovely designer I love the soundtarck they had for the S/S 08 09 catwalk, Anthony and the johnsons is that Bjork i hear? I don't think so but some female vocals.

Anyway on about the dresses now. I love the simplicity of the dresses, yet the colour palette is a mixture of different shades of purple and grey, splendid! My favourite pieces are the short body con ones, i just have a weird thing for short tight dresses, also i like the draping of the material it adds a almost floaty feminine edge to the dresses.

Also i love this dress has made, it's simply adorable love the colours too.

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