Thursday, 28 May 2009

I've got gucci, jill sander, D&G and chloe

No i aint got any of that. I did get to touch the most expensive clothes ever today tho, this appeared in two places, one a Flannels outlet, so things was pretty much reduced from 50% onwards, some amazing shoes in there!

Then i went to the high street and bought myself a mesh top and purple knitted skirt from H&M i am going to go mix and match it tonight!!! And omg American Apparel tried on the most amazing dress ever two tone body con dress in peach, it really was perfect, also i tried on the navy and pink skater dress, as victoria grace might put it "it was pure sex!"

Urban outfitters was a quick one, bought navy leggings, just don't ask, i don't know when i'll ever wear it, but i had to have it for sure. Ok quite with the talking i took lots of photo on my crappy phone in Topshop changing room, was epic! I ended up buying the short colour panel mini body con skirt.

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