Thursday, 12 November 2009

Assume Vivid Astro Focus (AVAF)

Great name for something Greater. This is the name given to Brazilian artist Eli Sudbrack and the name of an international group of visual and performance artists.

I came upon an image of one installation in Another man magazine, and i just knew instantly that what i've just discovered will be something of great excitement. I was not disappointed.

They explore topics such as transgender, where often the female body is exploited, sometimes humorous, sometimes dark. Their freedom with their ideas, leads to an eclectic mix of various installations, mixing performance, costume, music and video art together, not only this, it encourages viewers to join in and not to take themselves too seriously. Wild and crazy is all.

AMAZING!!! Now i have an extra excuse to go to Berlin to go see the installation if it's still on next year!


Anonymous said...

W.O.W. Yet another reason to wish I could visit Berlin... said...

Oh you should!! It's really cheap with Ryanair!! I bought the december issue of vogue after seeing photos of lara stone on your blog!!