Monday, 20 July 2009

Shopping guide for the misfits

Ok so im venturing to Manchester today for a wedding, which means dressing up time soonish.

So my sister wants to go shopping and ive recommended some places to go. Which made me want to write about a few places to go definitely.

A favourite spot of mine has to be shops in the Northern Quarter; best known as the 'more creative' part of MAnchester. here lies Afflecks Palace, a cool hangout spot for those goths and emos, but inside you will sure find something fit enough for anyone. Ranging from goth, emo shops to vintage, independant labels, such as Yu and Me. Definitely a place to check out

My favourite place of course has to be the second hand shop down the street from Ryan Vintage. Everything £3 and under, bargain!! Of course there is a lot of junk and finding something takes some patience as sometimes i walk out empty handed.

My other favourite spot is Retro Rehab, they have some great dresses but of course being the cheapskate i am, the £1 rail is my aim. You ca find many dresses belts, shoes and scarfs for £1 seriously get on it!!

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