Sunday, 19 July 2009

adventures of adventures

I need photos but since i lost my Camera in Poland. . .

Oh well, i discovered the best area in Stockholm called "Sofo" an apparent piss take on London's SoHo? Pet records was well equipped with records from everywhere i even found Sky larkin cd? And other bands from Leeds. I wish i lived on that street, so i can ride my bike every morning and go into the nearest supermarket and buy overpriced food and say Tack all day and night.
Tack= Thank You

I also miss cycling pass the sea/river/water/dock/boats/angry cyclists/swedes and asking for directions and acting like a total tourist.

Next aim meet swedish guy /gal and make them teach me swedish.

Photos soon which reminds me i have 5 rolls of film to develop from Poland festival times.

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