Sunday, 3 August 2008


Its been a while since i last posted a blog. So thought i'd write one now.

It's the summer holidays and i've found myself working my arse of for money. Good old Argos for sho. Goodbye Odeon!

Since i last blogged a lot has happened. I've travelled to Poland and back, had a lot in mind as usual and just being me.

Im trying to save up though as i plan to travel next year and follow Alan's(my little brother) footsteps and travel round europe.

Well i think first i should write about Poland. The place and the festival was a wonderful experience and i look forward to going back next year hopefully and october.
3rd July i went to Poland, landing at Gdynia airport. From there me and my friend Hannah had to go to Gdansk. With little knowledge of the polish language and only yes and no, we found it almost impossible to communicate. So with our paper and fingers we managed to point to the place we wanted (Gdansk skm, train station to the festival campsite).

At last reaching one of our many destinations we got to the skm only to find that we don't know how to use the machine and we dont actually know where we're going. Until we luckily met 2 british ppl going to the festival as well (open'er). But we found that the next train wasnt till late so me and hannah went to McDonalds!! And suprisingly the girl who served me knew english.
so i ordered a shrimp thing.

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