Friday, 18 September 2009

Christopher kane all over

Woop i woke up at 4 and fell asleep, waking back up at 5 to find that all items was sold out, which left me a bit peed off.

Then my sister woke up at 7am and i was forcing her to go instore to buy me the kane top and dress. To my suprise i checked on the website again and it was all in stock again. I said to myself i needed a bit of Christopher kane in my life and indeed i did not disappoint. I managed to grab myself the flouro yellow dress with lace panal, platform mesh shoes (Do i really need this?), Croc Tee and croc dress and my life is now complete. One thing i still think i might need to make my life whole again is the mesh leggings!!!!! I might try to DIY attempt tho.

SO excited can't wait to get my items.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I found the yellow dress to be much much brighter in person, but I think you can pull it off! Me with my pasty white face, and fat arms...not so much!

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