Thursday, 24 September 2009

Holiday Treats

I never got to post about what i bought on holiday as im still waiting to develop my films. But as of now, i borrowed my housemates camera and took a few for my own entertainment.

As above i bought a cool floral tapestry- ish circle bag from a flea market in Tokyo!! Amazing finds i also bought another bag there so cute! Me and my mum are fighting over it. All 100yen thats less than a £1 me thinks!!!!

Also 100 yen shop in Harajuku!! Big mistake i bought lots and lots and ended up spending a few 1000 yen there so many attarctive stuff if only i had more bag space. (Pink Piggy Bank!!)

Forever 21 in Harajuku, Tokyo!!!! They actually have one in Japan i didn't even realise until i saw lots and i mean lots of girls with big yellow forever 21 bags in Shibuya when i was shopping mainly Shibuya 109, where all the young uns shop. There i found my now fav pair of shoes ever for 500 yen like £5(in photo) oh and also bought harlequin tights from the shopping center( 2000 yen tho!! not too happy). Walking out of the shoe shop i had to ask where Forever 21 was and answer: Harajuku, mission for next day. Next mission find tube back to Danatonababa.

Forever 21 was amazing i managed to bag myself a 3d floral headband(my fav piece) a blue bow headband, a big diamante ring, i would have loved to buy the tom binns esque bangle but spent 10000yen there so couldn't afford to spend another 1000yen it was so pretty tho regret not buying it now. I got a sequin jacket tho with hood!!!!

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