Thursday, 24 September 2009

Rainbow drops

Today i felt like i was a packet of rainbow drops, an explosion of colour, in your face type. Weirdly i've been wearing mostly B&W these few days. Must be the weather.

Last night was good tho i went out and wore my new CK croc tee with my UO leggings and mesh top.

I felt like today was a breakthrough i decided to wear my new Primark oversized hot pink tux/dress/ jacket. I layered my MCain Jacket over as the tux as sleeveless i was quite hesitant to buy it as i couldn't think of anything it'd go with, but gave it the chance since it was on sale!! Also picked up a structured skirt. I also wore vintage dress from sweden, my fav blue uniqlo tights with ladders and M&S flats.

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