Thursday, 20 August 2009

What to do with myself?

I have a few things to announce and the first being, i have totally given up on the e4 competition, just after 2 hours off meddling with images from google i had quite a idea going on , but after going on the website and looking at the entries i might just want to hide, pfft. Might need to toughen up my skills indeed. Before i try and do anything else to embarrass myself i might as well, share this lovely artist with you lovely people. Fred Tomaselli

“ I want people to get lost in the work. I want to seduce people into it and I want people to escape inside the world of the work. In that way the work is pre-Modernist. I throw all of my obsessions and loves into the work, and I try not to be too embarrassed about any of it. I love nature, I love gardening, I love watching birds, and all of that gets into the work. I just try to be true to who I am and make the work I want to see. I don’t have a radical agenda "

Above gives you a fair idea of what's in Mr Tomaselli's mind. As you can see i am not in a writing mood so the pictures will have to do for now.

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