Thursday, 6 August 2009

Textiles as art

I have recently found interest in textiles used in performance art. My first encounter of the sort was at art college when i was very fond of knitting and my tutor said i should look at an artist (of which i can't remember now). Most recently, by accident, i've been stumbling across a few artists working in this realm. (Nick Cave, The Weird Girls Project and VILSB├śL DE ARCE)

The Weird Girls Project, based in Iceland fueled by concept artist Kitty Von-Sometime.

Above images from the website, i obviously like the neon strips hence the name "Neon fame and the last supper".

Interestingly i attempted a similar project last year, with the use of light and movement, this eventually progressed onto the idea of producing a glo stick dress, but i never managed to finish it. (Inspired by Novo Dando) Kind of reminds me a bit of a art collective in iceland "Icelandic Love corporation"

More later

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Jowy said...

wow like it allot! u have a very creative mind ey?!

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