Monday, 17 August 2009

Clothes and beyond. .

I am a week away from Hong Kong and Japan, which made me want to post something related to this topic(fashion, art, what have you).

Hong Kong has been known as a culinary capital with a wide range of food to tingle those tastebuds, and towering skyscrapers tall enough to shame many other cities not only that the nightlife has a life of it's own, glowing neon lit signs dangles from buildings, people crowded on the street experiencing a unique experience like no other city. Matching up to New York for it's '24hr city' vibe.

Moving away from this you'll see that people are always dressed to impressed, what more is, you'll see the different styles that each single person possess. From kawaai inspired to the rockstar within. Fashion is big, but not big enough for people to notice. One thing that bugs me is every time you say fashion or when there is a fashion week it is always centered around London/Paris and New York, but look further and you'll see that Hong Kong actually has a fashion week too.

What caught my eye the most was Timbee Lo and Eric Tam

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