Sunday, 2 August 2009

visual feast

Ok so i said i was going to write up on some artists, well the first one i thought i'd mention has to be Joana Vasconcelos. She studied visual arts and works more in the textile field making crochet pieces. The above from 'Piano Dentelle'.

See website for more images and projects.

I must say the piano does look visually interesting, but may perhaps raise a few questions, or maybe i was lazy and should have researched more which i will do later, but her technique (wrapping objects) has already been touched upon by a artists such as Christos( Spelling mistake?) and many others. Looking through some of her work from the past one can see that her style has refined a lot more, and there's a certain playful element to her work, irony at most. Using tampons for sculptures(Bride) and Fashion Victim among some of her works, her unconventional use of materials provides a fresh approach to the issues she addresses through them. ( I will do more research once i pay of my debt and have access to the library!)

More artists on the way, and ideas for dissertation. I was thinking something along the line of "To what extent can a film be classed as experimental?" or maybe something between animation and film like how does the two cross boundaries and when they do what category will it fit? I hate thinking!

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