Monday, 15 March 2010

Gego and me

A recent trip to the city library in Manchester led me to a book. This book led to my dream, and now i can't find this book. Ok this is a talk of a lunatic but seriously after countless search for janet taylor or triangles on a corner, i am starting to think she doesn't actually exist and perhaps i made her up. In the mean time Gego does exist, thank god for that. She produces large sculptural pieces that looks a bit like cobwebs, thats a very sophisticated description coming from me. Will this mean i cant produce this dream i had? Quest to go to the library and look for the book. In the mean time i am no longer exhibiting at link gallery as i have rightfully wasted a month away playing spider solitaire, and didn't produce any work. Oh well lets hope i do something for the Test Exhibition. I need to get a move on someone needs to slap me right now. rant over yes thanks, bye.

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