Thursday, 4 March 2010


I've been dying to see the new collection for fall 10/11

I managed to find on the entire web just one video from the catwalk which was
I can tell you i was actually excited, which is no suprise as i've always liked Balmain and the impact it has on people. It's always dramatic and daring almost attention seeking, which is not a bad thing. So excited to see so many gold sparkly shiny things!!

This collection takes influence from the court of versailles, from the brocade prints to the 'Over the top' sequins and fringing. Not that they would have had 'over the top sequins' back then, but you get the idea yarr?

Ok just to quote, which retard earlier on said there wasn't any videos. Err that would be me. Oui.Apologies.

As for the vid comments, i must admit yes the collection does seem almost predictable with the metallics and dresses and can almost pass for last season, but i still like it. Even for the lack of change.

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