Monday, 14 December 2009


I don't know what's happening to me. I'm having the weirdest dreams ever, in fact weird cannot even describe what my dreams are. Last night or this morning i woke up after having the worse dream in my life!!

I dreamt that someone died, not someone i know or close to. Then my sister cut up her body and took her organs and put in all into a long cardboard box. I was carrying this long box all the way through, trying to hide it so people couldn't see what was inside, and i can remember my sister dropping the brain in the box as well, it was horrible. We were meant to go to someplace im not sure where, But like a big building a bit like university or the hospital with the box i can't remember why. It was raining really bad and the box was getting weaker, i had to use all my body to support it and to make sure noone saw what was inside. I remember all the liquid fluid dripping out of the box leaking onto me but i still had to hold the box and as the box leaked out more fluid onto me the box started getting smaller almost disappearing. The floor was muddy we were walking along a narrow path almost like a labyrinth in the countryside. I think people got suspicious and said they saw us walking down the path with the box. Then somehow it moved onto a different scenery I was no longer holding the box, but i was at the bus stop or somewhere outside waiting, and then i saw a man and somewhere else, i knew they were close to the person in the box and i felt so bad.

My dreams kept on skipping then there was a scene when i was with someone else wearing a kimono half undone running across a shopping center then i went inside a shop and just sat down with people looking at me.

This moved onto something else, not sure what order it was in. I was in a house and i really wanted to find my crime reference number and i got a friend to ring up the police, but when she did they said they're send a letter with it and told me to read it briefly and important not to read the back of it or something, and then i got the letter through the post my dad had it and read it for me and said i had lymph cancer, pretty random right?? I woke up and it all felt so weird, then as i walked out of the house i saw a police car parked near my house and a letter through the post with my crime reference number from victim support and as i was going to the bus stop everything felt really weird, i saw a funeral car on the way to the bus stop. And as i came back from town i ended up carrying lots of boxes with me free from H&M.

DOn't know if these have any meaning at all? Im kind off scared now, paranoid to say the least my mum rang me and said she saw on news similar to what i described two guys from Poland, wanted for raping a girl and beating her. Sounds really horrible!!!

I think i may need to speak to someone, I'm still kind of scared.

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