Saturday, 26 December 2009


As with everyone, im sure the sale will bring many wonderful things to people. As for me i went into work, yes on boxing day missing out on big offers, my mum went to Harvey Nichols and everything was cleared off the shelves!

As for me i actually did the sale early on a few days ago and managed to bag myself a few suprises!!!

These shorts are actually so funny reminds me of my early teens in bright pink cycling shorts, why oh why. Great for working out in I reckon and short bike rides.

Tights tights tights, what more can i say? I wanted a pink pair so the stripey pair was perfect as for the Emma Cook shoes, i so wanted a pair ages ago now its on sale its only fair i buy two to make up for the price before right?

To top it all of would be amazing to have this also!!!

Ive been wanting these coloured chart ones forever nowwww, I really definitely, most likely will buy the purple one, but then i was thinking i want the pink, blue and black one!!!!!! Gawdddd which one, and why do people always look at me like im crazy like i went into urban outfitters once and asked if they had it in, then they looked confused like as if i made up the name house of holland or something, and gently guided me out of the shop!!! Not happy.

UPDATES!! Ive been thinking of buying the jeremy scott x Adidas multicoloured skirt!! I really wanted the phone one ages ago but cause im not rich and it was all sold out, it was for the best. Hmmmm

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Michele said...

love the black booties with the tassles. awesome blog btw