Thursday, 24 December 2009

It's White Magic Baby!

Woop Xmas soon, can i feel it?!!!

Yep this one is a white Christmas!

In the meantime sorry for the lack of posts (interesting), but i had to post this, and coincidentally i have actually seen the work before 2007 Sheperds Bush Empire, London. PATRICK WOLF's Finale show!!!

This is Fred Butler, which made me think of Fred perry for some reason? Maybe it's the name Fred? Blonde moment.

London based designer already building up a steady portfolio, having worked for big names and mags such as Vogue, ID, Dazed and confused etc. Butler makes wild eye pop-ing props for fashion shoots and window displays having already been commissioned by Kokon to Zai and Selfridges, Butler was made to rule.

With my constant fascination for the weird and wonderful, it is not surprising why Butlers designs are the most sought after. One thing for sure Butler can sure throw some shapes.

<3 <3 Origami shapes and colours!!!

Patrick wolf finale show, London 2007, so funny when everyone grabbed his shirt, i got a small bit of his shirt!! But look closer, see the paper props?! Fred Butler!

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