Thursday, 31 December 2009


Here is a list of things im obsessed with. I can't remember if i ever posted about an idea for one animation i want to make based on a list of my obsessions, well i am in the process of compiling this list right now:

1.The smell of aftershave, just when they walk away and you catch a whiff of the aftershave in the air for a few secs. Maybe it's just me?
2.Pretty, strange faces, this always ends up as hours of staring at models in magazines.
3.Strange things, that are attractive.
4.Rainbows, colour splashes, neon.
5. Light magic.
6.movement, wonderful dance.
7. Old guys dancing.
8. 'tashes and beards, any extreme facial hair.
9.tattoos especially full sleeves. Pshh i don't actually have any, but whenever i see guys or gals with them my heart beats.
10.nice hair, This can be colour or style or just big hair
11. Daftpunk.
14.bandage, tight dresses and underwear as outerwear. Pshhh i agree with underwear as outerwear but i don't quite have the body to do this.
16.pretty paper.
17.watercolour fashion illustrations.
18. vintage prom dresses

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Paola and Denisha said...

Ahh, who doesn't love rainbows and color splashes :D