Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Noise_Lab fun

It's sometimes nice and refreshing to go to something new or interesting.

I went to a talk today at Noise Lab with the editor of Elephant magazine and co founder of Magma shop.

Although the room was freezing and i was actually shivering so much my body was not functioning as well as it should have. As with many talks i always tend to overuse the word 'inspirational', and inspirational it was, but also insightful. There Marc Valli (what a cool name i thought he was swedish at first, got me all excited!) talked us through his steps to a successful magazine. Covering problems such as publishing, getting money and design layouts.

I've always wanted to make zines since i was little, unfortunately the furthest i got to it was setting up a facebook group for my would be zine 'Amazine'. The direction of Elephant magazine leans more towards the contemporary art scene. I liked the ideas which was discussed and raised a few questions towards the future of magazines and where it'll head towards. With online access to hundreds of online magazines, where do actual magazines stand? I personally like the idea of having online access to magazines as it's quick to access but also like having the real version infront of me. Flipping through magazines is such an important thing for me to do now when i get hold of one, and having to touch the paper and flip through the different pages, gives a somewhat satisfying feeling.

I will write more tomorrow.

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