Friday, 16 April 2010

Out with Outnet?

After a well spent 3 hours trying to log into the site and not to mention a sleepless night I managed to luckily bag myself a Marc jacobs dress, which i must admit is not really of my taste and comments about it looking like a nightgown doesn't help either. The problem was everything was already near sold out. So i was lucky enough to even get anything, oh and did i mention it's size 0, lets see how it goes with me trying to squeeze into it, but it shouldn't really be a problem i guess since it looks like some sort of jersey so will hopefully stretch, if worse comes to worse i'll have to lose weight or even give it away.

Im not one to complain and i don't think there is much to complain since £1 is nothing for a designer item. I just feel for those like my sister who stayed up all night waiting for an email and ended up with nothing. I just felt maybe theoutnet, given its current position as one of the most popular new sites for discount designer items, might have prepared better for what might have seemed like a complete nightmare, even for myself.

One starts to think if this was a good idea in the first place? It was well publicised but theoutnet seemed to have underestimated the amount of people that would take part in this 'party'. As someone quite crudely commented as "being invited to a party and driven by a chauffeur then being punched in the face"

This has certainly left a lot of people steaming, will this be the end of anymore £1 sales in the future for ?

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